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Show Review: Turnstile makes a love connection at second sold out LA show

The success of Turnstile’s 2021 album, Glow On, has catapulted the hardcore band into TV appearances, larger rooms and an enthusiastic new fanbase. The group recently embarked on a sold out tour, headlining two nights at The Novo in Los Angeles and Atlas was there to catch all the action (and more than a few crowdsurfers) for night two. 

Midwest rock band Citizen opened the show, turning their standard melancholia into a set that literally shook the floor of the upstairs room. Singer Mat Kerekes didn’t have to ask- the audience was armed with lyrics and a manic energy that propelled Citizen through “Pedestal”, “Let Me Out” and more. The room was rapidly filling up and even the balcony crowd got into the action. They closed out with “I Want to Kill You”, effectively riling up the room for the headlining act.

Turnstile is by no means new to the scene, but Glow On introduced the band to a whole new wave of supporters and they turned out in force on a Sunday night. The band launched themselves into “Holiday” as fans launched themselves at the stage and so began an hour of unbridled chaos. 

From the ragers in the front to the stoic headbangers at the back, The Novo made room for them all as the band whipped through favorites from Glow On while mixing in plenty of older material for the longtime listeners. Turnstile is electric onstage and they made sure to express their gratitude to everyone for selling out the shows and supporting the new music. 

Beyond that, it was an absolute sprint to the finish line, each song played at warp speed but with a precision that truly showcased the band’s dedication to their craft. The night ended with “T.L.C” and Turnstile made their love connection with an adoring audience, leaving them clapping in rhythm and ready for the next time we’d all get to go wild together. 

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Story and photos by Olivia Khiel