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Show Review: Shinedown brings the heat at packed Phoenix show

Whenever iconic rock band Shinedown visits Phoenix, the fans turn out in droves for a chance to sing some classic songs with one of the most consistent groups in music. The band returned this week following a new album announcement and some new music mixed in with the familiar favorites. 

Eager attendees crowded the barricade as Shinedown built up the tension with a long instrumental intro before launching right into “Cut the Cord”. It’s no secret that this band loves their lights and effects, bathing the audience in heat from the pyro and even some concussive fireworks in the beginning of the set. 

With a discography as deep as theirs, picking a setlist can’t be an easy task, but every fan walked away satisfied with the results of the night. Highlights included their new single “Planet Zero”, along with time-honored songs like “If You Only Knew”, “Simple Man” and “Second Chance”. As usual, Shinedown received their flowers from a state that loves them and can’t wait to welcome them back next time.

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Story and photos by Olivia Khiel