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Show Review: ATEEZ closes The Fellowship: Beginning of the End tour with emotional California show

The last few months have found more and more KPOP groups headed to the States- culminating with two nights of ATEEZ at The Forum in Los Angeles. The eight-piece group had ecstatic fans packed to the rafters of the iconic venue as they performed a massive setlist over the course of three incredible hours. 

As with previous KPOP shows in the area (most notably BTS in December), the crowds came decked out in elaborate outfits inspired by their favorite members and eras of the group. Armed with light sticks, slogans and signs, the crowd watched a playlist of music videos projected above the stage before the group appeared in a flash of pyro and elaborate lights. 

Let’s get one thing clear- ATEEZ is a group that has it all. Their dances are perfectly synchronized, their vocal line is soaring and stable and their rappers inject an infectious energy into each song. Opening with “Wonderland”, the stomping, driving track from one of their recent albums, ATEEZ never let the audience so much as catch their breath for the rest of the night. 

The members took frequent pauses in the set to speak directly to the fans, both in English and Korean. The theme of the evening was gratitude and it radiated from both sides with a force that had the group in tears by the close of the show. 

An ATEEZ concert is a spectacle, with numerous outfit changes and effects that only enhance the talent the members bring to the stage. It’s tough to decide where to focus attention- every member has their own unique and joyful personality and they all had plenty of chances in the spotlight individually and as a group. 

It’s amazing that three hours still doesn’t seem like enough time, but ATEEZ squeezed in tons of fan favorite songs like the campy “Pirate King”, a wave of anthemic tracks (“Utopia”, “Still Here”, “Better”) and all the bangers from every genre they’ve explored. Towards the end of the night, the group spoke at length about being away from their fans for over two years and how overjoyed they were to be back in front of so many ATINYs across the country.

The energy built up even more at the close of the show when “The Real” and “Dancing Like Butterfly Wings” had their moment and the soaring ballad “Star 1117” had both the group and the fans teary with two years of emotions. The show finished out with “Turbulence”, plenty of confetti and a leaked tour announcement for later this year so everyone left the room thrilled at the promise of another show even sooner than we’d hoped. 

This generation of KPOP groups is in excellent hands with ATEEZ and it’ll be so exciting to see what they bring to audiences on their next visit. 

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Story and photos by Olivia Khiel