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Show Review: The Struts close out electric tour in Arizona

Watching The Struts is akin to being bathed in glitter- and the UK glam rock group didn’t skimp on the sparkle as they ended the Strange Days Are Over Tour in Tempe on Friday. Charming Liars and World’s First Cinema came along for a night of truly epic sights and sounds. 

After being sidelined for so long due to the pandemic, Charming Liars couldn’t be more visibly thrilled to be back onstage. Singer Kiliyan Maguire made the Marquee his arena, pulling the crowd in with the band’s anthemic rock sounds. 

World’s First Cinema is new on the scene, but everything from their aesthetic to their violin-based rock enthralled an audience largely unfamiliar with their music. The band was powerfully captivating and treated the audience to new music before exiting to make way for The Struts.

As always, The Struts are a party and a half and Arizona was more than ready to welcome them back. Decked in ornate purple outfits, the quartet blasted through a familiar setlist that included all the hits. The room was moving from front to back as fans of all ages lost themselves in the electricity of the night. It was an exhilarating night and The Struts will always be an Arizona favorite. 

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Story and photos by Olivia Khiel