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Show Review: Robert DeLong keeps it weird at intimate Phoenix show

We’ve always known Robert DeLong was a weird one. His stage setup relies on video game controllers, he creates sound loops and beats on the fly, and his visuals take you inside a kaleidoscope cut with videos of DeLong himself playing his instruments in real time. It’s a remote controlled indie rave, and fans turn out again and again to see the multi-instrumentalist create a colorful universe.    

And this time around was no different. The Walk Like Me tour (named after the album he released late last year) stopped through Phoenix this week, and plenty of fans young and old let loose on the floor of The Rebel Lounge. First up was Milwaulkee-based Day Tvvo, a drummer and producer duo making fun alt pop and selling killer one-of-a-kind merch. Despite being a later addition to the tour after Grabbitz dropped off last month, Day Tvvo drew in curious attendees with tracks from Laundry Day and 3 in Dog Years and had the crowd lined up to meet them after the opening set. 

Perhaps the key here is willingness to experiment—both acts on the bill throw things at the wall and see what sticks, and both are putting new music out into the world and seeing how it does live. Our verdict: Don’t go in with expectations. There’s always a twist.  

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Story and photos by Taylor Knauf