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Show Review: IDK How’s Thought Reform Tour starts off strong in Phoenix

It’s the season for tour kickoffs and Phoenix has been home to several so far. Adding to the list is I Don’t Know How But They Found Me- affectionately known as IDK How- who started The Thought Reform Tour at The Van Buren on Tuesday. Joined by Beach Goons, the alt-rock trio finally took a proper chance to bring their debut album to a larger audience. 

Beach Goons is another Atlas favorite and we’re always excited when the trio visits Arizona. The band was an unexpected but entirely welcome addition to the tour and audience members shouted adoring words at lead singer Pablo Cervantez was his typical reticent but grateful self, blasting through the band’s high-powered setlist. Between songs and instrument changes, several fans made it clear they trekked to Phoenix just to see Beach Goons and the band’s bashful smiles expressed their gratitude loud and clear. To the disappointment of the crowd, their set was cut short due to the evening’s scheduling- and may be the first time in forever we haven’t closed a BG set with their raucous version of “La Bamba”.

IDK How’s off-kilter energy was immediately endearing to the room full of ecstatic fans. Taking the stage to little fanfare other than the addition of a neon sign, Dallon Weekes, Ryan Seaman and Anthony Purpura brought songs like “Leave Me Alone”, “Sugar Pills” and “New Invention” to life. In between, there was plenty of lighthearted banter with the crowd, a stellar Strokes cover and the reminder that Weekes and Seaman have been sharing the stage for a very long time. 

Fans sang every word, participating in Weekes’ vocal exercises for “A Letter” before the night came to an end with “Razzmatazz”. Of course, they returned to the stage for a three-song encore while also expressing their utmost gratitude to the room for returning to shows safely. Weekes spent time between songs encouraging attendees to get vaccinated and stay healthy so tours can continue, assuring Arizona diehards that IDK How would be back as soon as possible. With one last headbanging dance party to “Choke”, the night was over, but left everyone optimistic for tours to come.

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Story and photos by Olivia Khiel