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Album Review: Eric Nam starts a new chapter with ‘There and Back Again’

A new year signals new beginnings and for Eric Nam, 2022 is the start of a fresh, independent chapter for the pop artist. His latest album, released on January 7, is a journey of emotions and a strong addition to his discography.

There and Back Again is a sprint at just under 20 minutes in length, but the longing and depth of expression Nam puts into his lyrics never make the record feel rushed. Upon first listen, the album finds Nam musing on love lost and questioning the events that brought him to this point. It is, in turns, pining and introspective, capturing a range of feelings that could well be applied to the last two years of uncertainty as well.

The first single, “I Don’t Know You Anymore”, received its flowers on platforms like TikTok and it’s no surprise that the rest of the record is just as strong. Nam makes use of upbeat pop instrumentals to offset the heartache in his words. “Wildfire” is a standout, layering vocal effects and beats to put the listener in a trance. 

TABA is only Nam’s second full-length album but he’s taken his musical career in a direction that will no doubt serve him well in years to come. His proclivity towards emotional pop resonates with fans and will certainly have rooms across the world swaying in unison as they experience Nam’s journey right alongside him on tour. 

Stream There and Back Again, out now!


Story by Olivia Khiel
Photo courtesy of Eric Nam