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Show Review: Verivery enchants Arizona crowd on first USA tour

“We want our Verrers to call our names forever!”

Riding a wave of well-deserved success, KPOP group Verivery visited Tempe’s Marquee Theatre on Monday. The seven-member group attracted a large and enthusiastic audience as part of their full US tour, cementing them as the only Korean group to do so in 2021.

Verivery has been excitedly teasing their setlist and special stages leading up to the tour, and kicked off the performance with a heavy-hitting triple threat of “Lay Back”, “Thunder” and “With Us”. Each member had a turn in the spotlight all evening, showing off incredible vocals and their famous perfectly synchronized dancing. 

The show had the vibe of a fansign, with the members pausing the music to interact with the audience, including a cheeky Q&A session and eloquently prepared remarks in both English and Korean. We were also treated to a series of surprise dance covers and even an unexpected set of songs from the vocal line as well. 

Going to a KPOP show is a unique adventure, with groups and fans blurring the lines between artist and audience. Verivery spoke to the room like everyone was an old friend, swapping stories, jokes and even a bit of aegyo onstage. Ecstatic listeners screamed their love for their biases and chanted even louder to bring the boys back for an encore at the end of the night.

With the ever-growing success of Korean music in the States and beyond, getting the full experience of a KPOP show in such an intimate setting made for a night no one in attendance is likely to forget. Verivery took their bows after a two-song encore and savored every moment onstage, finally face to face once again with their beloved Verrers.

Check out the photos from the show!

Story and photos by Olivia Khiel