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Show Review: Winnetka Bowling League draws adoring crowd to Tempe

Winnetka Bowling League visited Arizona once again on Saturday, playing an energetic set to a crowd of enthusiastic fans. Joined by Gayle, the band was excited to play Tempe’s Marquee Theatre.

Young singer-songwriter Gayle supported the tour- just her guitar, backing tracks and a voice beyond her 17 years. The audience was enamored with her sound and certainly wouldn’t have said no to a longer set.

WBL’s crowd was modest, but no less adoring and engaged with the band’s set. Having played Arizona before, they were eager to come back- this time bringing new music from their upcoming EP. The band sprinkled in plenty of old favorites with the new songs, injecting humorous anecdotes and speaking frequently with their audience. 

In a hilarious twist, the group recently watched the Twilight saga and an “argument” broke out between the Team Edward members and the Team Jacob bassist. Since she was unable to join this tour, cardboard cutouts of Vin Diesel and Edward Cullen temporarily became members of the band.

As usual, things ended too soon, but the love Winnetka Bowling League feels in Arizona will surely bring them back as quickly as possible.

Check out our photos from the show!

Photos by Kristen Bourdeau