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Show Review: IDK How puts on playful show in Arizona

The Arizona evening was cool and calm, setting the stage for the latest Rock It Up concert in Tempe. I Don’t Know How But They Found Me (playfully known as IDK How) shattered the night air with their breezy songs, filling Tempe Marketplace with hundreds of happy concertgoers.

The duo of singer Dallon Weekes and drummer Ryan Seaman pack a punch as a two-piece, but they opted to add a guitarist to really round out their sound. The band poked fun at the release of their album immediately preceding a global pandemic and proceeded to treat their eager audience to a plethora of new material. 

Opening with the stomping sing-a-long of “Do It All The Time”, the mood was set and the energetic front row shouted the words and more than a few compliments to the men onstage. Weekes and Seaman were previously in The Brobecks and they snuck a lovely cover of “A Letter” into the set to the crowd’s delight.

Most of the set’s material was drawn from Razzmatazz, but IDK How added in fan favorite “Social Climb” and the tongue-in-cheek “Nobody Likes the Opening Band” in homage to all the openers out there (including themselves and the locals on the bill as well). The set closed out with “Choke”, as Weekes’ lyrics cheekily encouraged the downfall of an enemy as the fans screamed along.

The Rock It Up series has nearly concluded and it’s been wonderful to witness crowds returning to lighthearted outdoor shows. IDK How was the perfect penultimate performance and fans left already purchasing tickets for the band’s return in the spring.

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Story and photos by Olivia Khiel