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Gallery: Jeremy Zucker was everyone’s crush at Phoenix show

After more than a year of cancellations and rescheduling, the kids were ready for Jeremy Zucker—outfits planned, phone cameras aloft, and voices ready to sing along with every word. 

But the open adoration wasn’t just for the headliner. Newcomer Valley Boy immediately charmed the crowd, who welcomed him with encouraging cheers and shouted compliments throughout his short set. A recent addition to the tour, he set the appropriate sad boy mood capped off with a “Valley Boy sucks!” chant. 

All was peaceful until ear-splitting shrieks announced the arrival of Del Water Gap, riding the high of his debut album release a few weeks prior. S. Holden Jaffe strutted around the stage, sitting on the edge while fans swooned. He sprinted through his set, one song after another, and excitedly spoke about his eponymous record. The infectious energy spread to the crowd, and all eyes were locked forward as they waited for Jeremy Zucker.

If possible, the screams were even louder when he finally emerged, awash in blue light to match the mood of intro “we’re fucked, it’s fine.” But despite the title, he was all smiles as he surveyed the room and heard all the voices echoing his lyrics back to him. You could almost see the heart eyes of his fans, and even though he’s promoting CRUSHER, he’s the one who’s everyone’s crush. 

Story and photos by Taylor Knauf