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Show Review: Thrice fills Marquee Theatre with new music

There’s a few things we’re guaranteed at a Thrice show- this band is consistent, reliable and will always play with a fervor that brings the house down. The band visited Arizona on Thursday, joined by Touché Amoré, for a stomping rock show that had fans caught up in the incredible music all night long. 

Touché Amoré played with a sense of unexplained urgency that was cleared up when singer Jeremy Bolm said that the band was headed back to their hometown after their set and everyone was excited to be home. Regardless, they always lay their souls bare on the stage and Thursday was no exception. With the loss of the tour’s original opener, Touché was able to add a few songs to their set to the absolute delight of the first few rows. 

Bolm barely paused for breath during the speedrun of a set, blasting through songs like “Lament” and “Pathfinder”. Touché Amoré’s raw energy was the perfect complement to Thrice’s steady, anthemic rock and the room was breathless before the headliner even made it to the stage. 

Thrice is a band that inspires rock solid loyalty and their reach has only grown with the years. With the release of their latest album, even more fans are finding themselves at shows as live music has made its return. Tempe’s Marquee Theatre was more than ready to welcome them back and shouted lyrics back at singer Dustin Kensrue let his voice fill all the empty spaces. 

This was a rock show, but moshing and the like was not the name of the game for Thrice. Instead, fans stood mesmerized by the band as a whole- their musicianship is a sight one has to see to believe fully. The band played a stunning 18 songs and the audience still cheered for more after the encore. It’s always a treat to experience Thrice in a live setting and Arizona will always be ready to have them here with us.

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Story and photos by Olivia Khiel