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Show Review: The Technicolors debuts new songs at Cinema Sublimina release show

The Technicolors is Arizona’s sweetheart band and the proof was in the vibrant turnout for their CD release show last weekend. 

The quartet dropped the weird and wonderful Cinema Sublimina the day before and fans came prepared, having already memorized the words to the new songs. Singer Brennan Smiley covered his black shirt in neon tape for a DIY outfit that glowed under the intensely colored lights of Crescent Ballroom while the rest of the band stepped back to put their incredible instrumentals on display. 

While the focus of the show was certainly the new songs, the band made sure to include some standard favorites to move the room- “Lilies for My Lily”, “Neon Roses” and “Space Cadet” certainly elicited plenty of cheering and loud singing. 

Each time we thought they were done playing, the band pulled even more songs from their repertoire to keep everyone entertained and cheering for more. With The Technicolors going quiet over the course of the pandemic lockdown, seeing them re-emerge with such a strong album and renewed vigor in their live show is heartening- and it certainly had fans leaving Phoenix eager for more.

Check out all the photos from the show!

Story and photos by Olivia Khiel

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