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Show Review: Quinn XCII and Chelsea Cutler’s Stay Next to Me Tour charms Phoenix

A fervor of excitement gripped the Arizona Federal Theatre in downtown Phoenix on Friday, as Quinn XCII and Chelsea Cutler brought their Stay Next to Me Tour to a packed room. Joined by Tai Verdes, the pair performed individually and together, eliciting a massive response from eager fans throughout the show. 

Tai Verdes opened the show and had plenty of people ready to sing along to his handful of viral TikTok hits. He’s much more than a soundbite though- the man has serious chops and his stage presence was energetic and charismatic. Naturally the room shook for “Stuck in the Middle” and “A-O-K”, but Verdes made sure to show off plenty of songs from his stellar debut record as well. Watching him leave the stage felt like standing on the verge of greatness, which is undoubtedly where he’s headed. 

Chelsea Cutler was the direct support for the evening and the frenzy only escalated as she bounded out to greet the room. The prolific singer has gained a lot of traction recently, especially with her collaborations with Jeremy Zucker- skyrocketing her into a new level of musical fame. Her set was, at its core, relatable as hell and the front row couldn’t hold back their admiration as she powered through a setlist of straight bangers.

Arizona loves Quinn XCII and they put that love on full display as he stepped out for his set. Starting things off by thanking his fans for bringing Crocs to the venue, he proudly showed off a shiny new pair before jumping right back into the show. After two years away, he held nothing back- performing new tracks and old favorites with a hunger we’ve seen in a lot of artists back on tour from a long absence. He closed the night with Cutler, bringing the show full circle and spreading that love for the next time they come back.

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Story and photos by Olivia Khiel