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Show Review: Mod Sun kicks off free show series in Tempe

In the spirit of live music and good vibes, Tempe Marketplace kicked off a series of free shows on Wednesday, starting with Mod Sun. Local acts The Color 8 and Sundressed joined in on the fun and the crowd definitely showed up in force.

Mod Sun has been in the game for over a decade, transforming from hardcore drummer to indie rapper to pop punk revivalist and it’s this pop punk wave that’s put him on the path to stardom. His collaborations with best friend Machine Gun Kelly and girlfriend Avril Lavigne drove Internet Killed the Rockstar to new heights and he put those songs on display for the first time on this tour.

Between songs like “Betterman” and “Stay Away”, Mod spoke fervently to the audience about his journey and his gratitude for these moments. He also touched on his sobriety and how he’d remember this tour with perfect clarity since getting clean.

The fans were all in, shouting every word and pressing closer to the barricade as Mod jumped down from the stage to be right up next to his supporters. The evening was high energy and a tremendous amount of fun for everyone and Mod promised to come back to Arizona on his next killer run.

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Story and photos by Olivia Khiel