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Show Review: Chloe Moriondo’s Blood Bunny Tour visits Phoenix for enthusiastic show

The Rebel Lounge was sold out on Sunday for Chloe Moriondo and, after seeing her performance, it was easy to see why the room was utterly infatuated with the young pop singer. 

The front row was already squealing with delight as Moriondo took the stage. Their genuine smile and excitement to greet the fans was infectious and the first notes of “Rly Don’t Care” had everyone moving right away. While much of the crowd was quite young, the older fans in the room included curious millennials and plenty of parents who were also just happy to be there. 

Moriondo spent plenty of time between songs interacting with fans like two ecstatic teens who held up a sign saying that they’d inspired them to shave their heads. The rest of the time was devoted to an impressively extensive setlist that pulled from older acoustic material and this year’s Blood Bunny. 

In the middle of the set, Moriondo added a throwback cover of The Cranberries’ “Linger” that had one dad in the audience singing louder than the kids that dragged him there. Moriondo’s killer band didn’t miss a beat and were just as engaging onstage all night. 

Some musicians have a connection with their audience that goes deeper than the casual listener and Moriondo has tapped a vein of true joy and appreciation from her listeners- and it’s clear that the feeling is mutual. Smiles remained on every face all night and there’s a good chance the next time we see them, it’ll be in a much larger room.

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Story and photos by Olivia Khiel