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Album Review: Don Broco takes a journey on evocative ‘Amazing Things’

British rock group Don Broco has kept fans on the line the last few months with some stellar new music. Finally, their latest album, Amazing Things, is here and we’re cementing this on our best of 2021.

The quartet has always pushed the boundaries of their own sound, breaking barriers to defy genre on every album. Amazing Things takes this mindset in a heavier direction, with the first two tracks body slamming us right out the gate. Fans had a taste of this with “Gumshield” as singer Rob Damiani showed a more aggressive side of his vocals. The cleanup hitter tracks soften the blow- and “One True Prince” might just be one of the best Broco songs ever written.

True to form, the album gets more eccentric the more we venture on, but it simply wouldn’t be the same without that energy. The band weaves pop culture references (from the simple to the incredibly niche) into their lyrics and rollicking “Bruce Willis” satisfies that requirement and will have you out of your seat to bang your head. 

Moments like “Uber” have Damiani literally growling the words and of course the band once again takes aim at shallow behavior on “Revenge Body”. It’s crystal clear how and why Don Broco is one of the most striking bands in modern rock- their determination to outperform their previous material while injecting it with their own unique signatures makes each new work feel both fresh and familiar. Amazing Things is the culmination of a weird and wild pandemic journey and more than worth the wait.

Stream Amazing Things, out now!

Story by Olivia Khiel
Photo Credit: Fraser Taylor