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Album Review: Blackstarkids captures turbulence, joy on ‘Puppies Forever’

After releasing one of the best albums of 2020 (and an Atlas favorite), Blackstarkids went right back to the studio for the next record. They cranked out Puppies Forever before the year was up and that album is finally in our hands.

Blackstarkids is a magnetic band, drawing listeners in with their bubbly, electronic-tinged pop that also manages to break the chains of genre at every turn. Puppies Forever is this band truly leveling up into their sound and that’s something the band has acknowledged over the span of their discography. 

The Babe Gabe, Deiondre and Ty Faizon all share vocal duties on each track, weaving their voices in the seamless way that stems from the trio’s close friendship and matching creative wavelengths. Puppies Forever is a stellar 12 tracks long and none of it feels like filler.

This band’s charm is undoubtedly their ability to break any barriers between artist and listener while also crafting songs that perfectly capture specific emotions and experiences. Need a song to release anger and stress? “Revolt Syndrome” and “All Cops Are Bastards*” got you covered. Find yourself whimsical with nostalgia? Blast “Jimmy Neutron” in your room and dream of simpler times. Want to drive through the night with your best friends? You’ll need “Piss Drunk Kids” and “Juno” for your journey.

The album has it all and it feels like a conversation with the band as they pour their hopes and frustrations from a complicated two years into the music. Puppies Forever is a time capsule of these turbulent moments- tongue-in-cheek pop culture references included- but the songs also exude a timeless energy that puts this record at the forefront of the band’s catalog. 

Stream Puppies Forever, out now!

Story by Olivia Khiel