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Show Review: Lindsey Stirling captivates Arizona audience on the Artemis Tour

Lindsey Stirling invited her home state to step into her vivid post-apocalyptic musical adventure at the Phoenix stop of the Artemis Tour. Fans eagerly filled the seats at Arizona Federal Theatre for a mesmerizing night that dazzled the senses. 

Determined to make the Arizona show even more special, Stirling placed cameras at every corner to film each magical moment. The show was a story in several parts, spanning her decade-long career journey and told through a plethora of whirling costume changes, backup dancers and a stellar backing band to fill the sound behind Stirling’s various violins. 

Stirling has grown a very organic fanbase over the years and the age range went from young children standing on their chairs to get a closer look to parents returning for their fifth or tenth shows. No matter how many times you’ve seen Stirling live, she’ll win your heart again and again with her ever-changing show. Each song told a story, enhanced with massive screens for visual aids and Stirling’s own dancing up and down the theatre’s stage. 

In several moments of respite, Stirling came to the microphone to tell stories, crack jokes and make everyone in the room feel like family. The show was campy and fun one moment and dark and wise the next- but the overall message to never quit on your dreams never wavered. 

Stirling slowed things down with a magical Disney melody of recognizable favorites and even had her spotlight stolen by her tiny puppy, Luna, pulling a balloon across the stage. 

If you weren’t a Stirling fan before walking in, you certainly left as one. The entire show was captivating and Stirling had the crowd in the palm of her hand from start to finish- an enchanting night that every fan certainly can’t wait to repeat.

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Story and photos by Olivia Khiel