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Gallery: Weathers takes a victory lap on Our Little Secret Tour

Weathers is no longer an “emerging” band, with several singles, two albums, and a headline tour under their belts already. The Los Angeles based four-piece has solidified their place in the alt-rock world, and the crowd at Phoenix’s Rebel Lounge (on a Sunday night, no less) proved it. 

Fans packed the venue early, giving them plenty of time to fall in love with Kenzo Cregan and Aaron Taos. The two opening acts showcased the state of indie rock on each coast—Cregan hailing from L.A. and Taos from Brooklyn—and quickly earned the approval of everyone in the room. 

All eyes were on the stage when the lights dimmed and the Weathers boys took their usual places. Launching into “Hello,” it’s clear they’ve gained experience and confidence as performers and are only going up from here. Let’s reiterate: Weathers is no longer an emerging band. The set list was a mix of this year’s Pillows & Therapy and previous releases, but the crowd had a soft spot for the early stuff: “1983” and encore “I’m Not Ok” in particular. And true to form, there was an openness about mental health, a cause the band is passionate about supporting. 

These lonely vampires proved they’re still a can’t-miss act. Check out our gallery from the show below!

Story and photos by Taylor Knauf