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Gallery: Lewis del Mar finds purpose on stage in Phoenix

Although live music is back in full force, it still feels a little surreal for some of the bands and fans. Just ask Lewis del Mar, who made the observation while on stage in Phoenix Saturday night. “We’re all learning how to do this again,” vocalist Danny Miller commented right before closing out the headlining set. 

It was just one of the break-the-fourth-wall moments of the show, which exuded good vibes and a calming energy, even with the hard-hitting beats. Multi-instrumentalist Mobley bounced between his drum kit, keyboard, and guitar and even configured his setup to play sounds when he tapped an audience member’s hands. Engaging the crowd: check. 

Mobley gave way to Lewis del Mar, awash in golden light, playing their favorites from their “quarantine album,” last year’s AUGUST. As they looked out at the sold-out crowd, Miller expressed gratitude for being back on tour. It’s where he says he understands his purpose—that and raising his rescue dog. 

Based on the excitement of the crowd, the artists aren’t the only ones who are grateful to be back. 

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Story and photos by Taylor Knauf