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Show Review: Lil Lotus brings ‘Error Boy’ to Phoenix

Atlas has gone from watching Lil Lotus open the show to headlining the room in less than two years and Sunday’s performance at The Rebel Lounge in Phoenix was crystal clear proof of why.

The emo rapper turned superstar brought along Magnolia Park and Fats’e to open the show, and both acts turned up the energy to prep for the night’s main event. Fats’e, another up and coming multi-genre artist, kicked things up with only himself, a guitar and a stellar drummer behind him. Utilizing different vocal and instrumental effects, Fats’e ran through a number of tracks, including several from his brand new album.

Lotus had been circulating throughout the room all evening and the crowd was more than ready for his set to begin. On tour to promote his new album as well, Lotus made sure to add a killer mix of new tracks to the setlist. The fans already knew the words, shouting along to “Girl Next Door”- with one lucky fan jumping onstage to sing Lil Aaron’s feature- and “Lips that Kill”. 

The audience pressed closer to the stage as the night went on and the energy never wavered for the entirety of Lotus’ hour-plus long set. The obvious growth in musical ability from his previous music to 2021’s Error Boy was heavily reflected in such a hype set. Lotus’ live band also helped with this levelling up, with each member keeping the momentum going all evening. 

Lotus closed his set with some older fan favorites, leaving the stage to shouts for more from fans still over the moon at the return of their favorites to the Phoenix stage. 

Check out more photos from the show!

Story and photos by Olivia Khiel

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