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Show Review: All Time Low makes sold out Side Summer stop in Phoenix

All Time Low is enjoying their return to live concerts, and a stop in Phoenix mid-Sad Summer run was the perfect way to start a new week. The quartet sold out The Van Buren as showgoers eagerly celebrated their first gig back in more than a year.

Philly rock group Grayscale (also on Sad Summer this year) provided stellar direct support for the show. This band puts on one of the most truly consistent live shows in the scene and lead singer Collin Walsh had the crowded room in the palm of his hand for songs like “Just Right”, “Fever Dream” and new tune “Babylon (Say It To My Face)”. Their set was vibrant and fun- the perfect setup for All Time Low.

Over the pandemic, All Time Low experienced their own nostalgia revival with the massive success of 2007 single “Dear Maria, Count Me In” on TikTok. Now that the band is back on the road- and with a new album under their belt- the fans varied wildly at every turn. These pop-punk veterans always make the most of their time onstage; this time adding a Siri-esque robotic voice called Sharon to introduce the show and provide a funny and existential intermission. 

The band has quite a discography to pull from now and the mix was one that seemed to satisfy every type of listener in the audience. It was the older cuts, however, that really had voices raised to the ceiling- “Six Feet Under the Stars” and “Lost in Stereo” shook the floor as ecstatic fans of all ages jumped with the band. 

In a killer shakeup, All Time Low swapped a few tracks from their Sad Summer setlist for “Backseat Serenade” and “Dirty Laundry” before launching into new single “PMA”. One fan lost their phone midway through the set and it naturally found its way into guitarist Jack Barakat’s hands, where he promptly turned the FaceTime camera on a very surprised mother. 

This band has been onstage for so many years, but they always play shows with the same energy as ever. The joy and relief to be back onstage was in each of their faces as they expressed their love over and over again. They closed with a lovely semi-acoustic version of “Glitter and Crimson” before returning for smash singles “Monsters” and, of course, “Dear Maria”.

Flushed and sweating attendees poured out of the venue thrilled at the return of one of their favorite bands and their promise to be back soon. Nights like these reminded all of us that concerts are a wonderful gift that we’re all so appreciative to have back in our lives- and we’re already excited for more to come.

Check out photos from the show!

Story and photos by Olivia Khiel

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