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Artist Spotlight: L E A releases ‘Pebbles’, talks upcoming music and creative inspiration

Los Angeles alt-pop artist L E A released her latest single, “Pebbles”, on July 29 and it’s already a fabulous addition to our summer playlists. After answering the creative call of an Andy Grammer TikTok, the song was born and its vibes are as spontaneous and impulsive as the manner in which it was created. Atlas spoke with L E A about her upcoming releases, using music as a constructive emotional outlet and what’s coming up as we emerge from COVID.

Atlas Artist Group: With your new single coming out, how do you look at the evolution of your music from when you started to where you are now?

L E A: I honestly think it has come full circle! I was writing music in high school and early college that sounded a bit like “Pebbles”. But, when I finally wanted to put music out there, I was really obsessed with the California Beach Pop vibes. I was very inspired by artists such as The Mowgli’s, Neon Trees, etc. And I think my early music reflects that well. After experimenting with pop music, I knew I wanted to go back to my roots: a little punky, Jersey-pop edge. Of course since then, my music has matured and my sound has really developed, but I think it’s neat that my style has gone on quite a journey.

Atlas: What’s the story behind this new track- how did it all come together?

L E A: “Pebbles” came about because Andy Grammer threw up a little writing prompt on TikTok. Since then, I was able to tie in my own life experiences to the track, which essentially is “Aw this is sweet, I can’t wait to take this slow and enjoy every minute” to “Just kidding, open up every door, break down every wall. I want this and I want it now.” It’s either about losing patience and being impulsive or knowing what you want. Take that as you wish, hehe.  

Atlas: Who or what do you count among your biggest inspirations and influences?

L E A: I like that you gave this an option between who or what! While there are a lot of people/musicians constantly inspiring me everyday (most of which are my friends) I also find writing to be an incredible outlet for my emotions. Learning how to react better to hard situations and handle my emotions is a huge inspiration to create. We stan anyone who can feel their feelings in a healthy way.

Atlas: Which song of yours resonates the most with you? Is there a track that really seems to resonate with your listeners as well?

L E A: While it’s a really surface level song, I get the feeling my listeners love the drama and uplifting energy of “Get Over Yourself”! I’d say the singability is A+. As for myself, I kinda just like the aggression of “Anyone” and how I feel when I sing it live.

Atlas: You’ve got music coming out and shows booked- what else is on the horizon now that things are starting to slowly go back to normal?

L E A: Feels like there’s always something exciting around the corner! Not only do I have shows coming up and an EP coming out in August, but I’ll be heading back to Nashville in the near future to keep working on new music.

“Pebbles” is out now!

Story by Olivia Khiel
Photo Credit: Lindsey Ruth