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Show Review: Krewella closes out another weekend of pod concerts in AZ

Live music is slowly crawling its way back, and the DJs are leading the charge. Powerhouse promoter Relentless Beats executed another socially distant outdoor banger over the weekend, with Saturday’s edition featuring Krewella, K?d, and JVNA. And the return of the Arizona heat called for the fans to shake the dust off their best rave attire and serve some looks. 

As is the pattern, the opening acts knew their roles were to start the party and build the hype. Don’t get too crazy, don’t strain your neck before the main event, just shuffle—within your pod, of course. Then, as it starts to get late, bring out the heavy hitters. 

It’s easy to forget that Krewella has been around for over a decade, steadily dropping hits and broadening their range without losing their excitement for music. While some producers are stone-faced and hyper-focused on their mix boards, the Yousaf sisters couldn’t stop smiling and whipping their hair around. They pointed out specific people in the crowd (“I see you there in the yellow!”) and even took requests from their social media following. All the while, they were wide-eyed and breathless. Like their fans, they were just over the moon to be there. 

Story and photos by Taylor Knauf