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Album Review: Mikey Ferrari’s ‘Spaceboy’ EP ushers in future of indie pop

Regardless of what’s going on in the world, we’re always looking for music that moves us. Now that we’re a year into this global pandemic, reaching for inspiration seems harder than ever- and in steps Mikey Ferrari. His debut EP, Spaceboy, doesn’t reinvent the wheel of indie pop but when the vibes are this immaculate, who would want to?

From the jump, “moving slow” stakes Ferrari’s claim to becoming the future while cutting down any and all detractors. He embraces the underdog mentality and channels that frustration into an ambitious direction for his music.  

The title track is Ferrari dreaming big and grasping for a crown that he knows is within reach. All the while, listeners are transported along an intricate landscape of beats and sounds that, in his words, could all be stripped down to just an acoustic guitar. Ferrari immediately proves his own point on “lunar light”, a yearning track dealing with heartbreak, loss and invoking the dramatic image of staring up at the same moon as your past love.

We pivot to a folkier sound on “wind blows”, a song very much the opposite of “lunar light” as Ferrari moves on from said past love. The penultimate “moving fast” draws on the rapidly expanding world of Soundcloud-esque hip-hop, and would feel right at home on a nothing,nowhere mixtape (truly a collaboration the world needs).

Whether certain artists or bands are on Ferrari’s influence list or not, there are moments on Spaceboy that are undeniably nostalgic. He closes the EP with “standoff”, which took us right back to the days of The Academy Is… and the melancholia of “Everything We Had”. 

Spaceboy is a journey and it’s only the beginning of Ferrari’s as a person and as an artist. We’re on the ground floor with this young, multi-talented musician and the ascent from here will be rapid, so we’d suggest getting on board now.

Spaceboy is out now!  


Story by Olivia Khiel
Photo courtesy of Mikey Ferrari