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Premiere: Hank Fontaine is ready to ‘Cut and Run’ on new single

Singer-songwriter Hank Fontaine turned the endless quarantine days into a brand new single (and upcoming album). “Cut and Run”, out February 26, tells the semi-true tale of a romance gone toxic- a feeling that will ring too true with many listeners.

Fontaine took the pent up time from the last year to record and produce this album entirely from the shelter of his apartment. The result is a sunny, nostalgic track that darkens as the lyrics progress. 

Says Fontaine of the process, “When I’m bored or in a bad mood, I make up false narratives and watch them play out in my head.  At one point last year, I started talking to a “past romantic interest” of mine who historically wasn’t very nice to me, and I realized that I played a role in that. So I guess this song is like my way of acknowledging that I was treated badly.”

With creative energy hard to come by and motivation to press on lacking as the months go on, Fontaine’s sound is refreshing in its honesty and relatability. 

“I find it oddly freeing that the music world feels so dead right now,” he said of the shutdown. “Like, nothing matters, might as well put out recorded music since it’s all just being tossed into a massive void of noise anyhow. I do think that my newer songs will be better suited to a live context though, when that comes back.”

Fontaine is currently prepping a full-length release for later this year, with more singles on the way. In the meantime, check out “Cut and Run”, on streaming platforms Friday!


Story by Olivia Khiel
Photo courtesy of Hank Fontaine