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Album Review: Frank Iero and the Future Violents starts 2021 with stunning “Heaven Is a Place, This Is a Place”

Frank Iero (and his Future Violents) are beginning a new year with an EP of heaters. “Heaven is a Place, This is a Place” is four tracks of unfiltered emotion- from anger to yearning to pure honesty. 

Iero has always poured 110% of his guts into every song he’s ever released. When he sings, he sounds like he’s straining to put even more energy and emotion into the music, and this EP is a brilliant showcase of his passion. “Heaven is a Place…” opens with Iero feeling the pain of unrequited love overwhelm into “Violence”. 

“Sewerwolf” is alive with Iero’s stunning lyrics, bursting at the seams with poetic metaphors that make this second track a knockout on the EP. The band then turns the tables with a restrained cover of R.E.M’s “Losing My Religion”, bringing out a deep sadness in their version of the classic song.

Iero flips around again to close the EP with the aptly-titled “Record Ender”, a blast of crashing instruments and heartfelt, honest lyrics that simply demands to be screamed out loud. 

While Iero may always be most well known for his time in My Chemical Romance, fans would be remiss to ignore the rich and stellar solo catalog he’s built since the band’s dissolution. “Heaven is a Place…” is yet another entry into an amazing discography and one that brings even more of Iero’s passion for his craft to the forefront. His writing demands attention to every detail- he doesn’t mince words, nor does he sing without meaning.

“Heaven is a Place, This is a Place” will captivate listeners again and again in a way that only truly great songwriting can. While many of us remain in the isolation of quarantine, let Iero and co. relieve some of those negative feelings with this beautifully succinct EP.

Stream Frank Iero and the Future Violents’ new EP, out now!

Story by Olivia Khiel
Photo Credit: Mitchell Wojcik