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Album Review: Foxy Shazam returns from hiatus with ‘Burn’

After a heartbreaking hiatus announcement in 2014, Foxy Shazam surprised fans with a reunion announcement earlier this year. Even more surprising was the news of a brand new album, out December 11. To the shock of none, Burn is everything we’d come to love about Foxy and more.

The band had been teasing fans with songs since April after their original reunion show was postponed (and ultimately canceled). From the jump, “Dreamer” and “Burn” evoked memories of classic Foxy while bringing something fresh to the table. Singer Eric Nally has always pushed the boundaries of genre- both sonically and lyrically- and Burn feels like the culmination of a journey well taken. 

We now find Foxy Shazam on top of their own mountain “smoking stars” and carving a new path into what rock ‘n’ roll is and what it could be. This album combines the same unhinged energy of the band’s early albums with the control and even restraint of the group’s last record, Gonzo. Lyrically, Nally is still wild and free, weaving plenty of imagery, metaphor and pure insanity into “Dreamscape 2020” and “In My Mind”. 

We might not always understand where the band is going with their lyrics, but the party rages on and you won’t want to be the one to leave early. Hip hop is also woven into the tapestry of Burn on “Into the Wild” before the madness of “Suffering” and “The Rose” bring the album to its heartily satisfying conclusion. 

In the anticipation for a record that many fans were certain would never arrive, Foxy Shazam emerged from the shadows of this hellish year with a restructured lineup and a truly stellar album that feels invigorating and 100 percent Foxy. The world may indeed be on fire, but Foxy is ready to burn it all down and start anew- and we’re onboard for the ride.


Story by Olivia Khiel
Image courtesy of Foxy Shazam on Twitter