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Album Review: Harry Hudson is ‘Here for You’ on new album

Emerging pop star Harry Hudson offers listeners a journey through his mind on his new album Hey, I’m Here for You, out November 20. Woven in its 15 tracks is Hudson’s perspective on self-love, overcoming adversity and even finding the strength within to love another.

Sonically, the album marries the monotone flow bleeding from the world of emo rap with soft guitars and stomping pop beats in turn. Hudson comes out swinging in the first half of the album (don’t sleep on “Damaged Goods”) while heading into softer territory in the latter half. Hudson also recruits Astrid S on the dreamy “Closing Doors” and up and coming sensation Jaden for “Just Slide”. 

While the tracklist may seem daunting, it’s clear that Hudson wants listeners to really get the full scope of what he put into this project. The record is relatable from start to finish- especially on songs like “Overwhelmed” and “Mad Enough” (with the latter being a simmering acoustic-tinged track that barely contains the anger underneath). Hudson’s lyrics tell stories of finding new beginnings in painful endings, yearning for people and relationships, and reaching a place of love and acceptance for yourself.

Hey, I’m Here for You puts Hudson’s words of comfort right into our ears and it’s definitely a record that is meant for quiet evenings, long walks and finding good vibes with yourself and the people you love. As far as quarantine albums go, I have a feeling this will soundtrack plenty of listeners’ lockdown nights. 

Hey, I’m Here for You is out now!

Story by Olivia Khiel
Photo courtesy of Harry Hudson