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Album Review: KIDS take a journey into proverbial space on ‘Lost Cities’

The best thing about indie rock is that it never needs to reinvent the wheel to be excellent. Florida group KIDS already has that figured out on their latest album, Lost Cities. 

A self-described group of “sadboys”, KIDS is taking their sound and sending a message and a motto to everyone listening- strive for authenticity and never stop being true to yourself. This record positively exudes this sentiment and listeners won’t be able to stop themselves from joining the party.

The intro track invites us on a journey into space, rocketing into the stars on a wave of sound. Lost Cities drips with Grouplove-esque vibes, with just a hint of bombast throughout. “Visitors” makes use of stomping piano and groovy horns to perfection while “All Smoke, No Fire” invites us to “dance in the desert sun” to the tune of a saxophone interlude. 

Lost Cities is perfect for this transitional moment in our world. The record is truly an expedition into the band’s headspace as they travel through their own experiences of love, loss and everything in between. Coming along for the ride, we chase the horizon on the danceable “SOS” before reaching our destination on the “Mothership”. 

Let this record find you on the open road or take you to new places in our forced isolation. Lost Cities takes the band’s signature sweeping instrumentation to a new level of storytelling prowess. Your mind will find new destinations to imagine in the craft of this album, and will be an excellent soundtrack until we’re able to experience the magic in person. 

Story by Olivia Khiel
Image courtesy of KIDS