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Artist Spotlight: Alt Bloom emerges with the soundtrack of the summer on debut EP

Rising R&B pop star Alt Bloom will be your latest obsession with his new EP. Astronaut Complex is full of summer vibes for maximum chill even when the temps start to heat up. Listeners won’t be able to resist Ethan Thompson’s velvet vocals, layered with all the beats to make you bounce. Atlas spoke with Thompson via email about speaking his truth on this EP, his influences and what’s coming up for Alt Bloom.

How did you get started in music and go about finding your unique sound?

Aye two big questions in one. Music I started when I was a kid. It’s always been my main interest and writing songs has been what I always end up doing in spare time. Nothing fits the same. Finding the sound for the EP was really about pushing the influences I love. My whole thing is nature vs city influence. Basically my LA influences mixed with being raised in the mountains. Each chunk of songs I do will lean one way but be influenced by the other.


When you’re thinking of your inspirations and influences, what names come to mind?

Tom Petty, Oasis, Mac Miller, Anderson .Paak, Led Zeppelin, 50 Cent, Lupe, Stevie Wonder, Steve Miller…

What’s the story behind this incredible new EP?

Thank you for saying so. The story is about stepping out of what you think is safe. In love and in life. For me the EP was finally about stepping out of the fear I had surrounded myself with and stepping into my own confidence. Lyrically it’s about going through a relationship. Starting with “West Coast”, meeting someone, and ending with “Our Love” and “Sway”, the after of a relationship and hope for the next. Going through love and life fully and honestly can lead to massive failures as in losing a relationship. You never know unless you really try and trying is better than staying in your “safe” confines. Let’s celebrate the leap.


Are there any topics that you’d love to explore more in future songs- anything you haven’t had the chance to write about or say yet?

The main thing I will always explore is the emotions I stumble on in life. Which are continually growing and changing. Trying to chase that down in the most sincere way a continued practice. 

If you could put together your dream tour lineup, who would be joining you on the road?

Currently? Basically all of Visionary Music Group’s camp. From Quinn and Chelsea Cutler to Jon Bellion and Jeremey Zucker. I also have hopes I could go out with more alternative acts as well as pop including Young the Giant, Sam Fischer and Group Love.


Speaking of tour- I know that COVID has made planning pretty difficult, but are you hoping to take this show on the road when it’s safe to do so? 

ABS-O-LUTE-LY. Man I miss my people on the road so much. It’s a family I’m going without seeing. The tribe as we called ourselves. Can’t wait to get back out to growing the love!

Everyone’s been in some version of quarantine for awhile now. How are you staying creative and productive in these strange times and do you have any advice for fans looking to do the same? 

Remember, the temperature of the world doesn’t have to be reflected in you. You are an individual, you are in control, no matter what the news and school would have you believe. You are in charge, if you are feeling uninspired point the finger in and find a way to inspire yourself. It’s no one’s responsibility but our own to succeed and live fully. Get after it fam.


What’s next for you- more music, videos, touring, etc?

We got some quarantine videos coming out I am SO excited about. Was able to get the tribe involved on the “Sway” music video and I couldn’t have been more happy editing it and seeing all the faces I’ve been missing. Music we already have a late summer release plan and a fall EP I am working on finishing currently!


Is there anything else you’d like people to know about you or is there anything you may not get to talk about as much that you wish you got asked?

I just like to encourage people to go outside and look up. It reminds us how little we are which makes this experience called life all the more beautiful and meaningful. LIVE IT!

Astronaut Complex is out now!
Story by Olivia Khiel
Photos courtesy of Alt Bloom