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Album Review: The Wrecks’ debut album perfectly captures their whirlwind journey

After years of anticipation, The Wrecks unveiled their debut album on May 1. Infinitely Ordinary is anything but ordinary and will fulfill all the hopes and dreams of longtime fans chomping at the bit for new music from the band. 

The Wrecks have been through the wringer of constant touring, watching their career expand and the pressures and problems that come with sudden fame. Infinitely Ordinary is a record that encapsulates these feelings with as much honesty as the band can muster. They’ve come to the other side of this part of their journey as young musicians, creating a body of music that is sure to truly connect with their legions of fans. 

Sonically, the group has made use of vocal effects, funky instrumentation and plenty of jammy rock and roll. The album opens with a trio of songs that let vocalist Nick Anderson have a little fun with pseudo-bored spoken word verses before the echoing guitars kick back in. The entire album is catchy as hell- perfect for quarantine dance parties and, hopefully, plenty of nights spent driving around with friends when lockdown is all over. 

Naturally, with a group of young guys, plenty of Infinitely Ordinary talks about finding love, losing love and messing around. “Fvck Somebody” perfectly shows off this fun side of the band before segueing into the yearning of “Four”. Even on the more serious topics, The Wrecks keep the bangers coming; adding levity to their personal stories.

The last track is where we see this band’s heart. The title song on the album, the final tune finds Anderson and co. ruminating on finding comfort and a sense of home in the lives they’ve built for themselves. Fans will definitely see pieces of themselves in this album, especially those who have been on the journey with The Wrecks since their earliest days as a band. Ultimately, Infinitely Ordinary, like the band’s first EP, will find itself as a playlist staple for the foreseeable future. 

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Story by Olivia Khiel
Image courtesy of The Wrecks