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Album Review: Palaye Royale are ‘The Bastards’ you’ll be rooting for on biting new record

Palaye Royale are back with their third album, The Bastards, to be released on May 29. The self-described “fashion-art” rock band has delivered a tenacious record that brings the emo wave into 2020.

One thing’s for sure- the My Chemical Romance comparisons have been noted and the mantle has been taken up. Lead singer Remington Leith is polished, but not too shiny, allowing for the same signature grit that longtime listeners will appreciate. Leith is backed by guitarist Sebastian Danzig and drummer Emerson Barrett as the trio blasts away at topics like mental health, loneliness and a scathing portrait of gun violence in America on “Massacre”. 

Palaye Royale might be rebels with an unclear cause, but they’ve built a world in The Bastards that allows them to explore topics near and dear to their own lives, as well as the lives of their devoted fans. Leith doesn’t shy away from where his head is at, snarling through “Anxiety”, “Fucking With My Head” and “Masochist”. There’s still plenty of room for riffs, however, and the band really gets to cut loose on the groovy “Hang On To Yourself (Love in Automatic)”. 

It would be simply impossible to discuss this record without acknowledging its homage to MCR- both in sound and lyrics- along with the anthemic reach of present-day Bring Me the Horizon. Palaye Royale have been carving their own niche in the rock world and they’ve never let their listeners forget the music that compelled them into their own sound over the years. 

The Bastards is 14 tracks of swagger and thunder, with very little forgettable filler. At times the band strays dangerously into full on tribute territory, but recognizing the strength of their influences only seeks to elevate the fantastical universe they’ve built into this album. With a record like this under their belt, steady listeners and new fans alike will be chomping at the bit to sing their hearts out to this brand new setlist once Palaye Royale return to the road.

Stream The Bastards, out May 29!

Story by Olivia Khiel
Photos courtesy of the band