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Show Review: Orville Peck is commanding, mesmerizing at The Van Buren

Alt-country was the theme of the evening as Orville Peck kicked off his spring tour with Teddy and the Rough Riders on Monday. The rising star drew a sold out crowd to The Van Buren where glitter, tassels and cowboy hats abounded. 

Nashville group Teddy and the Rough Riders were the only support for the night, joining the tour package with humility and gratitude for the opportunity to play to so many fans. Their jaunty, blues-influenced tunes got plenty of feet stomping and even a few hats waving from those in the audience picking up what the band was putting down. The five piece rambled through songs from their first album, adding in a new track especially for this tour. Singing about everything from love to the singer’s dog, Teddy and the Rough Riders were the perfect choice to open this special tour.

Orville Peck had the room in a frenzy before even taking the stage with his impressive band. A slow twangy intro accompanied their entrance as the audience proceeded to roar their excitement. Decked out in a flamboyant pink shirt, glitzy belt and his signature mask/cowboy hat combo, Peck gleefully opened the show with “Big Sky” and “Queen of the Rodeo”- all while encouraging fans to attend and support drag shows. 

Peck’s music is, in turns, slow and sensual before picking up into a good old fashioned romp through his classic country influences. The fans certainly showed up for their favorite, singing every word in a room that exuded peace and inclusion. Peck is a stellar showman, interacting with his audience as shouts of love and affirmation hit the stage between songs. The girls and gays all swooned as he made rolling up his sleeves midset into a mildly erotic interlude before continuing with songs from 2019’s Pony. Peck also debuted a brand new song, “No Glory in the West”, to the delight of his crowd.

Peck’s passion for his unique brand of country and shoegaze resonated with every note, and his deep, commanding voice captivated the packed room until the last notes of “Roses Are Falling”, “Kansas (Remembers Me Now)” and the closing number of “Take You Back”. Unable to pry themselves away for too long, the band returned for a double encore featuring a cover of Tammy Wynette and George Jones’ “Something to Brag About” before properly ending the mesmerizing evening with “Hope to Die”. 

We’ve got plenty of photos from the show!

Story and photos by Olivia Khiel