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Dear Bands and Fans: An open letter to creatives affected by COVID-19 cancellations

Dear Bands & Fans,

We’ve been struggling with what to say about the COVID-19 panic over the past few days, and to be honest, we’re still not really sure what more can be said. Tours, events, and all sorts of other projects are being cancelled and postponed; not much is left on the near horizon. It’s quite the storm and likely one of the first that so many of our favorite bands have weathered in these early stages of their projects. 

However, in that same vein, it’s important to remember that the music community is scrappy and fights for each other every single day. Think of the number of stories we’ve heard about tour vans breaking down or being robbed and the way that the fans have responded in droves with Venmo donations and even greater excitement when their heroes pull through. Think of the gatherings that are made possible because people offer their houses, their backyards, their couches. And even in times of great stress, the music community wants to give back and will continue to do so. That’s a beautiful thing. 

If you’re an artist, now is the time to dig extra deep for creativity. Social media is your friend, and it’s time to utilize any way you can to connect with your fans, friends, and family. The interactions will boost morale all around, and you can keep your eyes looking forward instead of at the madness around us. Pick up some extra shifts at your day job. Say yes to opportunities that might seem out of your wheelhouse. Keep yourself busy. You’ll never know what you’ll learn along the way and how it’ll inspire your music in the future. 

If you’re a fan, let people know that you’re there to offer support. Not everyone can afford to buy merch and physical copies of the records they love, but it’s free to spread the word about your favorite bands. People fall in love with music unexpectedly, and every fan counts. Here at Atlas Artist Group, we’ll certainly be prioritizing artist spotlights and new releases to make up for our loss of event coverage. And it’s not necessarily a bad thing—it forces us to explore. (If you have someone/something we need to get eyes on, email us!) 

Each of you makes the music industry such a special place, and we’re already looking forward to a busy summer and fall back out in the field with all the bands and fans. In the meantime, we’re here for you. 


See you at the next gig,

The Atlas Team