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Gallery: PUP brings the party to Phoenix on Full Blown Meltdown USA Tour

PUP is a party and a half- just don’t chuck your lost items at them in the pit. 

The Canadian punk rockers had The Van Buren moshing, dancing and crowdsurfing for their entire set- a frenetic whirlwind of fan favorites. They were joined by The Drew Thomson Foundation and Screaming Females, each of whom had sections of the crowd rowdy for their time onstage. 

Screaming Females brought out the most interesting people watching of the night. The front row was a mix of enthralled attendees and fans so lost in the music that their eyes closed and their headbanging never wavered for the full 45 minutes. 

“Two years ago, we played Phoenix to 10 people. This is fuckin’ awesome!” was PUP frontman Stefan Babcock’s sentiment of the evening and summed up the energy in the room on Tuesday. The band rolled through music from their latest album as fans lived it up seeing the Toronto group thrive in a bigger room all their own.