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Gallery: Atmosphere and The Lioness’ Wherever Tour touches down in Arizona

“Are you trying to take my job?” Slug asked the crowd at Tempe’s Marquee Theater on Tuesday night, laughing. Everyone had just gotten done rapping along with him on one of the classics— “Sunshine,” “Yesterday,” “Godlovesugly,” one of the know-every-word tracks. He looked back to Ant, who of course had nothing to add. And he followed the question up with, “You can’t have my job. I know all the words, you only know the words to the old shit.”

He wasn’t wrong. The Wherever Tour supporting last year’s Whenever featured a mix of cuts dating back to 1997 (“This song has its own children,” Slug joked) but the crowd particularly loved everything from the mid-2000s. It’s further proof that as long as you’re consistent at any point in your career, the fans will come see you for as long as you tour. 

Atmosphere also brought along fellow Minneapolisian rapper The Lioness, backed by DJ Keezy. Her influences, Ms. Lauryn Hill and Queen Latifah, shine bright in her music, and her positivity radiates from the stage when performing live. It’s no surprise that in between networking with all the local producers and fellow musicians, she pursues philanthropic endeavors and tries to better the north side community. As she bounced back and forth across the stage, more and more as her set went on, her hair flew up into a lion’s mane, and The Lioness truly arrived. 

Atlas caught the peace, love, and we-are-blessed raps. Check out our photos from the show!

Story and photos by Taylor Gilliam