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Show Review: Greyson Chance’s Portraits World Tour lights up The Rebel Lounge

The Portraits World Tour was for the girls, the gays and everyone in between. Singer-songwriter Greyson Chance made his first visit to the Valley in years, packing The Rebel Lounge with devoted fans ready to fall at his feet. 

Chance shot to superstardom after his piano cover of Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” went viral almost a decade ago. Now 22, he’s writing moving, honest music about his journey through the industry and coming out as gay prior to his latest album. Ten years later, the fans are even more enamored and the love poured from the audience. Chance took the stage surrounded by a plethora of light rods, timed to change colors and flash to the beat of the music.  

The fans pressed even closer to Rebel’s low stage as Chance dipped and swayed through “Bleed You Still” and “Timekeeper”. He took his seat at the piano for the stunning “Good as Gold” before racing offstage to update his fit for the second half of the show. Midway through, Chance abandoned his usual stage script to invite an ecstatic young man onstage for a hug and a photo. 

“Black on Black” brought some sensuality to the evening and kept the room dancing. Chance even snagged a fan’s phone midsong, taking a stage video before tossing it back with a flippant. “Fuck your Instagram!” He pulled out his new single, “Boots”, reflecting on his time in the music business and cracking jokes before closing the set with “Shut Up”. The audience wasn’t ready to let him go, though, and he promptly bounded back out to end the magical evening with “White Roses”.

Chance is a dynamic and talented performer and it’s so easy to see how he’s won the hearts of so many people at such a young age. Friday night was a dream and one that Phoenix is clearly eager to repeat.
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Story and photos by Olivia Khiel