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Gallery: Myles Parrish turns The Rebel Lounge into a little piece of home

Myles Parrish brought a little piece of home to The Rebel Lounge on Saturday for his headlining tour. Joined by Derek King and Arizona rapper Trent Stark, Parrish had his audience turned all the way up.

Trent Stark and Derek King kicked things off, warming up the crowd with their respective sets. Stark is revamping his sound and prepping the release of his new single on December 13, so his time onstage had the room bouncing with the excitement and the beats. King also had the fans’ attention, singing directly to the starstruck ladies in the front row and keeping the hype alive before exiting for Parrish.

The With You I’m At Home Tour really brought the noise for the rest of the night. Parrish was fully engaged with his audience, all of whom were completely in love with him and his music. He played plenty of songs from his first album, including the impossibly catchy “Cut a Rug” that got the whole room dancing. He also called for a mosh pit, jumping off the stage to join the audience for songs like “Money Maker” and “Home”.¬†The entire show was a celebration and a safe space for Parrish’s biggest fans to party all night long.

Check out photos from the show!
Story and photos by Olivia Khiel