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Gallery: Hozier uplifts Comerica crowd with ethereal show

Hozier’s Irish charm and impressive vocal chops filled Comerica Theatre with ethereal magic this week. The singer-songwriter was joined by an incredible collective of musicians for a full evening of singing, swaying and sentimentality.

The stage was set with plenty of props, including an antique-looking globe and various projections on the curtain behind the band. Hozier took the stage to thunderous applause and cheer, and, awash in red light, began an evening the crowd wished would never end. There were plenty of upbeat moments where the audience was encouraged to stomp and clap along, balanced with Hozier’s top-tier balladry. “Someone New” and “Shrike” were early favorites and Hozier gladly handed over vocal duties to the eager fans for a portion of “From Eden”.

Midway through his lengthy set, Hozier took a breather to announce new music coming in early 2020. Amid the screams of delight, he also asked the audience to stow their phones while he premiered new song “Jack Boot Jump”. The fans obliged their idol and not a screen was to be seen for a glorious four minutes of fun.

As the show began to wind down, Hozier and his amazing band performed a stellar cover of Stevie Wonder’s “Living for the City” before seguing into hit song “Jackie and Wilson”. Lyrical graphics floated across the stage’s curtains in time to the music for “Almost (Sweet Music)” (another clear fan favorite) and “Moment’s Silence (Common Tongue)”. Naturally, the night ended with “Take Me to Church” and an encore of “Work Song”.

To be at a Hozier show is to experience something pure and beautiful. The entire evening was filled with positive energy, as Hozier expressed his gratitude to the fans and his incredible band over and over again. The venue remained on its feet all night and shouts of appreciation rang out in rare moments of silence between songs. With the release of new music on the horizon, it won’t be long before Hozier returns to uplift audiences once again.

Check out photos from the show!
Story and photos by Olivia Khiel