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Show Review: DREAMERS, Arrested Youth, Irontom fill The Van Buren with color for Friday show

Indie pop darlings Dreamers returned to Phoenix on Friday, bringing Arrested Youth and Irontom for the perfect party to kick off both the band’s headlining tour and the weekend.

Irontom may be a young band, but the boys have jams. Every song had vocalist Harry Hayes dancing to the band’s infectious grooves, and the fans couldn’t help but put their hands up and join in. Their energy was wild and free, encouraging the room to follow along for a perfect warmup to the rest of the night.

With the recent announcement of their upcoming album, Arrested Youth had the front section clamoring for their arrival before they took the stage. Frontman Ian Johnson bounded out, joined by his bandmates, for a set that included the new album Sobville (Episode I) in full. Diehard fans in homemade jumpsuits that mirrored Johnson’s signature look already knew many of the words, and Johnson intermittently jumped down from the stage to join the front row in their euphoria. The group also played old favorites like “Mirrors” and “Black X White” before closing with an epic new song, complete with successful stage dive to thunderous applause.

Dreamers frequent the Phoenix area, but the true fans always return for the band’s consistently amazing performances. This time, the band arrived with wild stage lights, filling The Van Buren with hues of green and pink. The room took in the spectacle, singing every word of the set in celebration of their newest album, LAUNCH FLY LAND. Single “Die Happy” has been an alternative radio staple for months, and it’s easy to see that Dreamers are on their way to alt-pop superstardom. 
Check out photos from the show!
Story and photos by Olivia Khiel

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