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Gallery: Cigarettes After Sex turns The Van Buren into intimate club experience

In advance of their sophomore LP, Cry, Cigarettes After Sex brought a multimedia spectacle to The Van Buren in Phoenix. The opening band slot was replaced by a black and white short film entitled “You’re the Only Good Thing in my Life” (sharing the same name as one of the upcoming album’s tracks), showing a montage of clouds with a piano accompaniment. 

Following that was a very intimate experience. Newest single “Falling In Love” was released as they went on stage. After, the audience squealed with delight at the first plucks of the strings with each new song, swayed as they sang along, lifted lighters in the air, and many publicly displayed their affections for each other. The band played through a full setlist of classics, favorites, and two new tracks from the upcoming record. 

The artsy evening concluded with an encore, gratitude, and a promise of returning soon. Check out photos from the show!

Story and photos by Kristen Bourdeau