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Gallery: Sunflower Bean filled New York with Wednesday night dancing, good vibes

Sunflower Bean on a Wednesday night. A free show put on by Steve Madden. And New York definitely showed up. 

Maybe people wanted to forget about 9/11, maybe it was because it was a 16+ show, or maybe it’s because this act is making waves, but the Music Hall of Williamsburg was packed for the Brooklyn trio. They balanced Julia Cumming’s Fleetwood Mac vibes with Nick Kivlen’s guitar riffs that simply danced across the stage. Their fans have found a sense of confidence in the sound and band fed on it all night.

The music itself had psychedelic hints in “I Was A Fool”, yet dreamy sounds on the disco ball sparkle of “Twentytwo”. Their 2019 EP King of Dudes came out this year and the title track is a solid rock anthem. Yet it was their 2015 punk hit “Tame Impala” that got the crowd jumping and shoving towards the end. 

Closing with “Rock & Roll Heathen” and “The Big One” had everyone walking out the door with an extra jump in their step, remembering where they started and where the trio is heading. 

Sunflower Bean is playing a variety of shows and events through November before they “disappear for a little bit.” Catch ’em live while you can!

Story and photos by Blake Benard