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Gallery: Phantogram and Bob Moses dazzle sold out Phoenix crowd

Haunting electronic beats were the name of the game at Phantogram’s headliner at The Van Buren in Phoenix, a dazzling visual feast also featuring the up-and-coming Bob Moses. Drawing from over five years of music, both acts had the crowd shaking to the rhythms ranging from mellow to heart pumping. 

Canadian duo Bob Moses were awash in blue light as they brought alt-radio favorites “Tearing Me Up” and “Nothing But You” to life, making the most of the harmonies that are such a strong point of their live versions. They expressed love for Phoenix, love for the venue, and, of course, love for the fans.

Phantogram also noted their love for the fans, saying theirs are the best. It’s easy to see how—every local show is sold out in advance, and the crowd spans just about every age range. And they’re also supportive in the literal sense, holding Sarah Barthel aloft as she crowd surfed.

All the while, a blinding backlight screen broadcast colors and videos to the venue, including an iconic flashing “We all got a little bit of ho in us” during “Calling All” and an explosion of rainbow smoke. Don’t let the night drive style tracks fool you- Phantogram brings the energy and intensity at all times. 

Atlas caught the action (but didn’t crowd surf this time). Check out photos from the show!
Story and photos by Taylor Gilliam