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Gallery: half•alive is disco ball bliss at Crescent Ballroom

There wasn’t a lot of room to get groovy, but the crowd did it anyway when half•alive brought lights, dancers and action to downtown Phoenix. The Long Beach trio is out on tour with Sure Sure and so graciously stopped through to host what was part spectacle and part dance party for the kids—wholesome weekend fun.      

To sum up Sure Sure, they give out their band phone number in case you want to call and say hi. They exude warmth and friendliness on stage, and their easygoing pop has the same pleasant energy as a beach breeze. It’s that little bit of southern California they take everywhere, plus the floppy hats that completed the onstage look. 

Half•alive, in contrast, almost demanded the crowd’s attention with a panel of lightbulbs that glowed along to the music and a dance crew who appeared and retreated throughout the set. Vocalist Josh Taylor treated the crowd to multiple outfits (including a fabulous yellow jumpsuit) as he was back and forth from center stage to the piano. All we needed was a disco ball to fully lean into the updated 70s aesthetic, especially for newer tracks like “RUNAWAY” and the breakout “still feel.” 

Atlas captured the sold-out headliner that was full of glittery “disco ball bliss,” just as promised.

Story and photos by Taylor Gilliam