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Gallery: Andrew Bird treats Brooklyn to inspired full album performance

Andrew Bird likes to keep people guessing. Throughout his career, he’s recorded in the LA River and made a film score. He’s pushed the envelope of his music and prose. His latest album is his most political- it’s witty, dark at times, wise, and comedic and serious in turns. 

This Wednesday night in Brooklyn was no different. Bird played through his latest album, My Finest Work Yet, in its entirety; looping, whistling and strumming away to an audience hooked on his every move. He had psychedelic borders around the stage to support an absolutely pristine- sounding show. As “Bellevue Bridge Club” closed, the audience felt the end of an experience they wouldn’t get again. 

Touring on this album to play it all the way through for his fans was pure and inspired. Bird gave the crowd little treats, like an alternate version of “Olympians” with Madison Cunningham and Ted Poor’s stellar contributions on the kit. He plays songs he’s been working on for nearly two decades and shared stories of their creation. The night was an open and personal experience for both Bird and his audience. 

Seeing this live was invigorating, and had fans pondering where his music would lead next. It seems his finest work truly is yet to come. 

Check out photos from the show!
Story and photos by Blake Benard