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Show Review: August Burns Red celebrates 10 years of iconic album with Silverstein and Silent Planet

August Burns Red celebrated 47 minutes of metalcore madness at Playstation Theater and threw down a tour-closing set to remember. Safe to say, Constellations remains a masterpiece. 

Backed by the stellar acts of Silent Planet and Silverstein, the 10 Years of Constellations tour came to a close. It reminds us why the album remains a landmark in the metalcore genre.


When it comes to perfect opening acts, look no further than Silent Planet. Binding spoken word lyricism and post-rock vibes with traditional metalcore sound, the California-based group demonstrated the influence of ABR has had on the next generation. 


Like ABR, Silent Planet weaves themes of religion and psychology into their progressive music. Even their band name finds its origins in a C.S. Lewis novel. Lead singer Garrett Russell has labeled himself “a Christian who plays music, but don’t go labeling them a “Christian metalcore” band. 


Beyond the comparisons, Silent Planet is setting their own path. Their latest album, When The End Began, feels like a journey- a story of depression, questioning, suicide and despair. Russell says bands with a platform need to push serious issues that many people deal with day-to-day. On stage this past Sunday, he spoke of his own struggle with bipolar disorder and advocated for those dealing with issues to vocalize them. He then proceeded to stay out after the show and chat with a line of fans. 

As many gathered to celebrate 10 Years of Constellations, Silent Planet is a reminder metalcore is still evolving and is a platform for many to handle the pressures and questions of this world.


Every time August Burns Red performs, lead singer Jake Luhr takes time to remind fans that they have a purpose, and their songs are meant to help you find it. This message seems to ring even truer in a world so unpredictable. It was evident from an extra-rowdy pit and a crowd that traced the album through easily from start to finish (you won’t find a crazier mosh pit than when “White Washed” plays).

After those 47 minutes ended, ABR finished off the tour with slayers like “Invisible Enemy”, “Ghost” and “Composure”. Luhr even brought out “the most punk rock guy I know”- Silverstein lead singer Shane Told. 


A decade after the release of Constellations, the album remains a reminder that there can be beauty in chaos, through questioning and amidst a fierce Matt Greiner drum solo. It reminds us people can be Christian and simply let their actions speak for themselves and a reminder that musical genres should be pushed to greatness.

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Story and photos by Blake Benard