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Gallery: Young the Giant draws returning fans for magical evening

There is a certain magic that Young the Giant bring to a room. The Los Angeles quintet balances memorable alt-rock foundations with an effervescent quality that adds depth to their live performances. This is why you’ll see the same fans at date after date, no matter how many times they’ve seen this band. That rare phenomenon is typically seen with “classic” artists who are on the tail end of their touring years, which is why it’s so notable for an act that’s only been around for a decade. 

Still on the road promoting last year’s Mirror Master, Young the Giant pieced together new singles and deep cuts from past albums that evoked gasps from the crowd regardless of how familiar they were with each track. The consistent quality across their catalog guarantees that someone is bound to whisper-shout, “I love this song!”- no matter which one it is. And live, everything from ballad “Apartment” to iconic singalong “My Body” are elevated—to a “Superposition,” you might even say. 

Atlas was there to witness the spectacle. Check out more photos from the show!

Story and photos by Taylor Gilliam