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Gallery: Grace VanderWaal inspires young fans with heartfelt performance

For teenage pop wunderkind Grace VanderWaal, dreams have truly come true. The America’s Got Talent superstar took the stage at The Van Buren last week, ready to shine for her awestruck audience.

The 15-year-old lifted the room with her pure and undeniable talent. Her lengthy set included favorites like “Escape My Mind”, “Moonlight” and “City Song”- and the fans couldn’t get enough. The crowd only got louder as the night went on, their excitement feeding into VanderWaal’s performance.

The fans knew every word, singing until the end as VanderWaal closed with “I Don’t Know My Name” and hit single “Waste My Time”. Watching her performance, and the effects it had on her young fans, was an inspiring moment that will undoubtedly continue as VanderWaal’s career expands into pop stardom.

Check out photos from the show!
Photos by Kathleen Cruz



  1. I was there and it was fabulous. I love the two unreleased songs…they are super good! The two last releases are on repeat for me too but even the oldies like “Gossip Girl”, a middle school story, gets even better years later on stage. So much fun!

  2. We were there,flew in from Oregon, nice venue.Her band is getting tighter as they go.Where were her braids?

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